Xtreme Motorworks LLC

Receiver Hitches

Add a 2" receiver hitch to your tractor for more versability in moving objects around. They work great for using carries in and for project building.

Cub Cadet Receiver Mount Hitch Aluminum Rear Ends

$55 / ea.

    A heavy duty hitch for your cub cadet that will give you the flexibility of adding many attachments to your tractor. Any receiver mount hitch that fits your car or truck will fit in this receiver. It is the same 2" as a vehicles. Heavy duty 1/4" back plate is laser cut for supreme accuracy and uses 7 mounting bolts for extreme rigidity. Receiver is 1/4" wall also! Uses the standard 5/8" hitch pin. You could put your bike rack in here, a platform for putting your tools and supplies on, a digger or a garden attachment, a sprayer, a hitch mounted winch, a generator unit, etc..... The possibilities are endless of what you can build. This one fits the newer series cub cadets with the aluminum rear end housing. UNPAINTED

Cub Cadet Receiver Mount Hitch Cast Iron Rear Ends

$55 / ea.

Cub Cadet Receiver Mount Hitch For 3 Points

$55 / ea.

    This one fits the Category 0 - 3 Points above. Lower clearance on the mounting plate keeps it from hanging too far below the 3 point plate. UNPAINTED

Dual Hole Hitch - Cast Iron Rear End

$28 / ea.

    Replace your old work out factory bolt on hitch with a new 1/4" one with an extra hole for a 3/4" shaft ball. Eliminates the need to take your ball on and off. Fits all cast iron rear ends. Works on stock rear ends and three points. UNPAINTED

Dual Hole Hitch - Aluminum Rear End

$28 / ea.


Cub Cadet Adjustable Height Removable Hitch

$93 / ea.

    Bolts onto the cast iron or the aluminum rear ends in place of the stock bent hitch. Pull the pins and move the hitch up or down to keep your trailer level. Has a 3/4" hole for a ball and a 5/8" hole at the end for pull implements. UNPAINTED

Sleeve Hitch Ball / Pin Hitch Adaptor

$43 / ea.

    Extra wide Brinly style sleeve hitch bracket. Allows you to pull a trailer or other stuff around without having to take off your sleeve hitch. Has a 3/4" hole for a ball attachment and a 5/8" hole for attachments using a drawbar pin. Does not include the ball. UNPAINTED

Sleeve Hitch Ball Hitch Adaptor

$45 / ea.

    Stock size Brinly style clevis hitch blank. Use it to convert your existing equipment over to sleeve style hitches or use to build that custom project. UNPAINTED

Brinly Style Implement Yoke Convert anything to a Sleeve Hitch

$18 / ea.

    Lets say that you have an old piece of equipment that you want to use on your sleeve hitch on your tractor. Buy this clevis and weld or bolt it to your equipment or create that cutom piece of equipment. Convert anything to a Sleeve Hitch style piece of equipment. Made out go Grade 50 Hot Rolled Steel for long life. 5/8" holes. 3 1/2" inside distance. UNPAINTED

JD Style - Extra Deep - Sleeve Hitch Yoke

$21 / ea.

    Similar to above but .25" deeper and only has a single hole. Works well with some of the John Deere Hitches. Made out go Grade 50 Hot Rolled Steel for long life. 5/8" holes. 3 1/2" inches inside diameter. UNPAINTED

Rear Hitch Plate

$65.50 / ea.

    Close up the rear of your tractor for that finished off look. Made out of .134" thick steel. UNPAINTED