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Whats New

Tiller attachments for the CAT 0 three points are done and in the new and featured section.

70 / 100 fenders. Done and ready to ship!  Get yours now!

Check out what we are doing to improve and how we are making new progress.


Dual Wheel Adaptors.  These continue to be our biggest selling item.

Tool Boxes.  Get a tool box for the back of your tractor to hold yous small items in.  Made to look like they came on the tractor from the factory!

Sleeve Hitches.  We have got the most accurately and precise sleeve hitches on the market.  And the best pricing!

We're Stocked!

We have all your snowblower and push blade cutting edges in stock along with skid shoes, drift hoods and drift cutters!

Get your smoking deals while you can!


We offer a full line of reproduction parts and equipment

We offer a large variety of custom built and specality products for your garden tractor

Welding, Fabricating, Forming

Painting and Powder Coating

NEW! 3D Printing!

3D Manifold


We have some Videos up on Youtube showing some of our stuff in action.  Watch for more to be posted on our channel and some installation videos. 



Welcome to Our Company!

At Xtreme Motorworks - we take pride in our products and welcome everyone to look around. 

Our new website is up and of course - it will probally take some tweaking as time goes.  Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions..


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We thank all our customers for their continued support!